Why Use Microsoft Dynamics 365
for your SME CRM


  • Why Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your SME CRM

    Why Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your SME CRM

    Sometimes when an SME first starts looking at CRM options, they can struggle to find the right one for them. Either they offer way too much functionality and complicated options for the size of business, or they are too basic, not covering some of the more developed needs of your business. That’s why so many SME’s are still running without a CRM system in place. But the truth is that they simply haven’t found the right solution yet – and that’s where we come in. Because no matter what size your organisation is, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the options you need, when you need them.

    Why SME’s Need A CRM System

    A CRM system (also known as a Customer Relationship Management system) is probably one of the most valuable systems that any small or medium-sized business can implement – and yet many do not. A CRM system can not only help improve your productivity and business relationships, but they can also have a huge impact on business growth. A recent study by a major CRM vendor found that a fully utilised CRM system can increase sales for SME’s by 29%. This is because they can help you track client lists, manage pipelines and streamline sales processes. But there are so many CRM systems out there that it can be difficult for SME’s to decide which would work for them, often resulting in never getting one implemented and seeing the benefits. At Solutions Shared, we believe that the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 make it the perfect solution for SME’s looking to grow using a sophisticated, yet simple, CRM.

    The Benefits Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 For SME’s

    The headline benefit of Dynamics 365 for SME’s is that it is a truly elastic platform that can stretch, flex and connect as and when you need it to. It provides all of the functionality an SME could possibly want, but doesn’t force you to pay top prices if you don’t need it. Instead you only pay for what you use, making it an incredibly attractive solution for smaller businesses. But Dynamics 365 isn’t just a basic CRM system – it provides your business with a single solution that stretches across CRM, ERP and office functionality to encompass all business processes. By integrating with your business this way, Dynamics 365 becomes a platform in which you can manage and run your business to optimum efficiency. A few of the other great benefits include:

    • Fantastic integrated sales, marketing and service functionality.

    • Office 365 integrates simply and easily with Dynamics 365, increasing productivity.

    • Better reporting and business insights, leading to the ability to make better, quicker decisions.

    • A fully scalable business development and processing platform.

    The range of functionality within Microsoft Dynamics 365 means that business owners can use the real-time data reporting, automation, pipeline processing and customer service management tools to really transform the way their business runs, without sacrificing hours to learning or managing the system.

    But investing in the Dynamics 365 package is just the start of your CRM journey. There is so much potential in this single bit of software that many SME’s aren’t sure where to start. At Solutions Shared, we help business owners create their base set of customisations for sales and customer service within Dynamics 365, so you can get started quickly. We will also then provide you with training on how to get the most out of your new CRM system, as well as assisting with any data importing or troubleshooting you need.

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