Nine reasons to use Microsoft
Dynamics 365 as your CRM


  • Nine reasons to use Dynamics-365 as your CRM
    Nine reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your CRM

    Nine reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your CRM

    We’re often asked by business leaders why we recommend Microsoft Dynamics 365 as our preferred Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

    In truth, there are at least nine reasons why Dynamics is the best CRM out there for businesses ranging from 15 employees to 250+.

    So, as we map out the key reasons to move forward with Microsoft’s stand-out CRM, let’s begin with number one.

    1. Scalability

    We’ve said it many times, but it is remains true and highly valuable: Dynamics 365 scales up and down with your business size, enabling you to ride the waves of growth effectively.

    The aim of the majority of executives is to drive business growth and therefore it is vital to have a CRM that scales with the organization, so that you can add new users and functionality with ease.

    The scalable architecture also reduces the need for expensive re-design and software engineering as you expand.

    2. Flexibility

    As we know, you will have different brands, different products, different divisions, often in multiple territories. You will need a CRM platform that is flexible to all these different factors, Dynamics 365 is famous for this.

    3. Increased Efficiency

    Having an effective CRM system is one of the best ways to improve your organisation’s operational efficiency as you link up sales and marketing relationships, to back office accounts and logistics.

    It enables you to get more out of your staff, enabling them to break out of using inflexible Excel sheets and freeing them up to do better, higher quality activities.

    4. Improved Communication

    Dynamics 365 gives you the ability to improve communications between teams and individuals across Web, mobile, Outlook and Teams, which are embedded in the platform in a seamless and ever-improving way.

    It enables strong communications in the office, on the road or for staff working from home, making it even more valuable in the post-pandemic workplace.

    5. Adaptable Customization

    No company works exactly the same as another one, so you need a level of customization to enable your business to operate effectively.

    Dynamics 365 provides that adaptability with enhanced system customization to continually evolve with you.

    6. Powerful Reporting

    Power BI provides the data capabilities that you require to run your business effectively with full view of what’s really going on and live dashboards to ensure real time decision-making.

    7. Excellent Excel Integration

    In the same way as they have done with Outlook, Microsoft have done a fine job of integrating Excel into Dynamics 365 so that your data can be sorted, analysed and shared in the cloud.

    It ensures that you get full value from your Microsoft licenses and gives your staff the power to be real knowledge-workers.

    8. Seamless Application Integration

    The Dynamics 365 architecture is built to integrate effectively with third-party and proprietary apps that you may be using – again, reducing the costs of expensive developers and engineers.

    9. Service Scheduling

    Improve your customer experience, by always being on top of appointments, service calls, deliveries and collections. The service scheduling functionality inside Dynamics 365 is second-to-none, giving you an all-in-one view of all service scheduling requirements, available resources and calendars.

    For more information on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can improve your operational excellence, contact us here.