Why Microsoft Power Apps
can improve your SME


  • Why Microsoft Power Apps can improve your SME
    Why Microsoft Power Apps can improve your SME

    Why Microsoft Power Apps can improve your SME

    We talk a lot to our clients about the value that Microsoft Power Apps can bring to their small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

    It’s not a product that is fully understood yet among businesses looking to up their game in areas of digitalisation, seeking new ways to improve efficiency and automation.

    So, let us give a few pointers as to where and why Power Apps can help SMEs to level the playing field with those big dogs, who are able to invest in Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, among others.

    Reducing costs with Low-Code development

    Let’s be clear: we are not expecting your super-keen accounts guy or energetic back office manager to start coding apps in their coffee break. The real world rarely works like that.

    But you don’t need high-end, high-cost software engineers and developers to build Power Apps that improve your business and which can scale across your workforce.

    Yes, you need guidance and support, but effective Power Apps can be built in a much simpler way, using templates to automate processes.

    Improved Automation

    We don’t see Power Apps as a B2C play: they are not really for building apps that are consumer-facing.

    They come into their own as apps to improve automation and processes for your staff – and this is why you want your employees involved in the development side, from the perspective of providing requirements and deep insight into the pinch points of inefficiency.

    Power Apps enable you to build out improved processes and automated workflows, both at a micro-level and across departments.

    Good integration with your Microsoft suite

    Power Apps work well with all products in the Microsoft service stack, from Word, Excel, Powerpoint and now Teams, to Sharepoint and Dynamics 365.

    The underlying platform is the same and they have been built to work well together.

    It means that your Microsoft investment goes further as you develop automation processes – and will be future-proofed as Microsoft continues to build new products that work well together.

    Regular Upgrades and New Features

    As we have consistently seen with Microsoft’s approach to software development, they don’t push out a product and then just leave it there. Continual upgrades and new features will keep Power Apps at the cutting edge.

    It means that you will need to ensure your Power Apps keep pace with those new developments, but we are confident that we can support you through this.

    To learn more about how Microsoft Power Apps can benefit your SME, contact us here.