Discover the Microsoft Power Platform


What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

The demand for innovation, agility, efficiency and automation is becoming bigger and bigger for all sizes of organisation in this era of rapid digital transformation.

Microsoft Power Platform is aptly named: it provides a set of powerful low-code tools that empower companies to build effective and scalable solutions at a lower cost than traditional software application development.

It covers all the key areas of business productivity so that organisations can “make, automate and report” activities in a coherent operating system.

Power Platform Components

Power Apps

Improve your business processes with low-cost custom-built low-code solutions for productivity challenges.

Low-code means that some software engineering expertise is required, but at a much more streamlined level than for traditional application builds, thus reducing time and expense.

Power Automate

Cut out the old labour-intensive manual processes and automate workflows, freeing up your people’s time to do the important tasks.

It allows you to take advantage of rapid AI developments to streamline repetitive back-office jobs such as approval processes and data syncing across the organisation.

Power BI

Enables you to collect real-time data to provide vital business insights and ensure your organization is making the right, timely decisions.

This is a powerful tool for all business intelligence and data visualization, providing real-time information to the right people for all areas such as KPI tracking, sales performance and customer insights.

Power Virtual Agents

This allows you to build impressive chatbots and virtual assistants that can interact with users naturally, whether that is customers or internal support, providing 24/7 assistance.

Microsoft’s Copilot is the new kid on the block and is fast becoming a hot product in Power Platform.

Integration with the Microsoft suite of services

The true power of Microsoft Power Platform is how it integrates with Microsoft’s full suite of services.

From Microsoft 365 to Dynamics 365 to Azure and including Sharepoint, Teams and other productivity tools, Power Platform seamlessly integrates with the same security and the same log-ins to ensure a unified ecosystem and improved collaboration and communication.

Data can flow seamlessly between applications and across departments to significantly up-level organisations.

It can also scale up and down, depending on your company’s growth and momentum.

Benefits of the Microsoft Power Platform

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

The ability to build rapid productivity apps allied to improved automation, better data analysis and improved customer service creates a more cohesive and forward-moving organization.

Cost Savings

Reduced manual labour for repetitive tasks and low-cost application development leads to an improved Return On Investment and enables IT to become a distinct benefit for your company.

Employee Empowerment

Eliminating tedious tasks and up-levelling the ability to make rapid, real-time data-driven decisions enables your staff to be more effective and more fulfilled in their roles.


The ability to integrate across the full suite of Microsoft products and services maximises the value of your licenses and ensures a seamless and robust ecosystem for collaboration, communication and analysis.