How not to mess up your
Power App development


  • How to not mess up your Power App development
    How to not mess up your Power App development

    How to not mess up your Power App development

    I read lots of articles about why small businesses should use Microsoft Power Apps to improve their processes, reduce costs and solve key challenges.

    Most of them have great information and guidance on why these low-cost tools provide huge value, but there is one key issue that they almost invariably get wrong.

    They suggest that you can use your own talent, your own people to build no-code – or even low-code – applications.

    Their idea is that Trevor in Accounts or Sharon in Logistics can knock up an efficiency-busting app in their lunch break or spare time, that will stand the test of time, be scalable and massively improve on what you have already.

    Citizen developers

    They promote the concept of “citizen developers”, gifted amateurs who can utilize the drag and drop templates of no-code Canvas-driven Power Apps, rather than the more sophisticated and effective Model-driven Power Apps that need proper professional input.

    The thing is that it’s just not true. These things are easier to screw up than get right, unless you have the right expertise to guide your organization to the best outcome.

    Here at Solutions Shared we have consistently espoused the value of Power Apps to small businesses and have worked with many clients on how they can impact their organization.

    Among the key benefits are:
    • Reduced costs, both in terms of software development and licensing.

    • Improvements in efficiency and effectiveness for teams who can automate labour-intensive tasks by building internal applications.

    • A scalable platform that can grow with your company

    • Enterprise-grade admin features with a centralized dashboard for multiple apps

    • The ability to develop a powerful CRM solution without the higher cost and complexity of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

    Huge opportunity

    So, Power Apps are a huge opportunity for SMEs and should be evaluated rigorously.

    All we would say, is make sure you get proper advice and guidance from people who really understand how they can work.

    And it doesn’t mean that those enthusiastic Trevors and Sharons should be ignored and kept out of the project.

    Their input and insight as key stakeholders, who properly understand how the back office runs and how it can be improved by technology is absolutely vital.

    Harness their energy and expertise to build the best Power Apps possible.

    For more information on how Solutions Shared can support your SME and help you get yoru Power Apps built correctly, contact us here.