The Benefits Of A Great CRM


  • A great CRM enables you to scale your business with ease
    A great CRM enables you to scale your business with ease

    The Benefits Of A Great CRM

    For most growing companies, the chief requirement is to digitally modernise their back office, improve internal business processes and workflows in order to build efficiency and greater customer care, from lead generation to account management.

    There is a lot of talk in the industry about digital transformation, but it is actually a straightforward need to move away from cumbersome spreadsheets, stop relying on legacy on-premise servers and using the cloud to make the day jobs of your staff smoother and more productive.

    Dynamics 365 ensures that your sales, marketing, service and operations teams are in-sync, that they are seeing the right information, to make the right decisions, with as much automation as possible.

    Many of our customers have struggled to manage multiple orders from multiple clients without upgrading to a Dynamics CRM, that brings all their data into the same place. It is scalable and predictable, ensuring that new employees can easily be brought onto the system without endless communication issues.

    Some people see CRM as simply pipeline management, a sales funnel tool that provides structure, efficiency and reporting to the sales process.

    But it is much more than that, as it ensures a continuation beyond the deal closing, to joined-up customer management, allied to key services such as finance, HR and other back-office operations.

    What we see, is that when a company is small, they can get away with more “manual” products such as Excel, but when they grow to more than 10 staff and the business becomes more complex, there is a greater need for a CRM system that creates an ecosystem for the whole company.

    The business leaders that I talk to are running good companies and they want to keep building a better company: they can see the value in better workflows, better reporting, more automation.

    They want their staff to get out and do the jobs they are good at, rather than getting bogged down with red tape and back-office bureaucracy.

    Dynamics 365 provides the scalable platform, that means they can see radical improvements, but also have the confidence that the platform will fit their business requirements as they expand and grow.

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