Ramp up your efficiency with Dynamics 365 Resource Scheduling


  • How do I efficiency schedule resources?
    How do I efficiency schedule resources?

    Ramp up your efficiency with Dynamics 365 Resource Scheduling

    Remember the days of whiteboards mapping out where resources will be allocated on office walls?

    Or shared Outlook calendars being used to try and pull together where and when staff need to go to meet clients?

    Well, many companies are still using these somewhat-antiquated methods to run their businesses when they should be utilising the power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Resource Scheduling.

    Need for efficiency

    With the coming of hybrid working and so many staff operating remotely, the need for an efficient system to manage all resources is vital in the modern world.

    We are seeing more and more prospective clients coming to Solutions Shared to discuss how they can improve their resource scheduling and are amazed by the impressive capabilities of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Resource Scheduling software.

    All resources can be scheduled effectively - staff, consultants, equipment, and customers – in a Schedule Board where appointments are made and filters can be used to decide on skill levels, travel times and other requirements.

    Each member of staff can see their own schedule, and everything works seamlessly on any device, whether laptop, tablet or mobile phone, so it is all easy to access on the move.

    Dynamic system

    There can be special status messages plugged in, such as “On the way”, “stuck in traffic”, “now on site”, so the schedule is dynamic and all impacts can be factored in. There are map views and the ability to customize the Schedule Board for individuals and groups.

    It is perfect for managing shifts and part-time workers and we are seeing its benefit for organisations from gardeners, office maintenance to funeral directors, as businesses gaining scale need to manage their resources effectively and with a degree of consistency and automation, where required.

    Resource Scheduling is a generic component within Dynamics 365 Customer Service or Dynamics 365 Field Services so is a cheap option for drastically improving efficiency for organisations.

    Drive automation

    More and more, we are seeing organisations coming to us to discuss how they can use Dynamics 365 to improve efficiency and drive automation, rather than rely on it simply for "Sales CRM".

    In our next article, I will discuss how Remote Field Service provides even more operational efficiencies for modern businesses.

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