Microsoft Dataverse
can help you become
data-driven and efficient


  • Microsoft Dataverse can help you become data-driven and efficient
    Dataverse can help you become data-driven and efficient

    Microsoft Dataverse can help you become data-driven and efficient

    There has been a lot of chat in the past week about the “Metaverse” as Facebook renamed its holding company to Meta and talked up a virtual world future.

    But with data at the centre of everything an organisation does today, I want to focus on the Dataverse and how it can be the cornerstone of how you transform to become data-driven and more effective in decision-making.

    The Microsoft Dataverse is not another buzzword, but an infrastructure play that enables businesses to capture, analyse, predict, present and report data with a high level of agility.

    Multiple sources

    It takes a way a lot of the complexity around gathering data from multiple sources both inside and outside your organisation, with an easy to use, easy to manage, compliant, secure and scalable data service.

    Dataverse empowers you to manage any type of data, any type of app, and – as part of the Microsoft Power Platform – enables you to gain insights and drive business action with tremendous flexibility.

    As part of the Microsoft Power Platform, it is important to note that little or no code is required, so it can be easily used across your organisation.

    Visual designers

    What I like about using Dataverse is that it is designed to work with any type of data and includes a set of visual designers to create, edit and interact with it, so it is easy to quickly define the rules and workflows that your business needs.

    And it has deep integration with Microsoft’s cloud services such as Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, plus connectors into areas such as Power Automate.

    It all means that whether you are retrieving data from a spreadsheet sent as an email attachment, through to much more complex scenarios, such as logistics data or a blockchain network, all can be handled and managed in the Dataverse.

    Integration efforts that used to take days at high developer cost, can now be done in hours or minutes. It is very exciting and is happening right now.

    Microsoft stack

    This is one of the great examples of why working with the Microsoft stack is such a powerful way forward for your organisation, saving you money, time and a lot of stress. Microsoft is continually upping its game in terms of cloud capability, and how their services integrate and work together with the Dataverse being just one example.

    To find out more about how the Microsoft Dataverse can transform your organisation, contact us here.