Make your road warrior staff even more efficient and effective


  • Make your road warrior staff even more efficient and effective
    Make your road warrior staff even more efficient and effective

    Make your road warrior staff even more efficient and effective

    Efficiency on the road is what every company with road warrior staff wants to achieve.

    More visits, more time spent doing real work for customers, better data sharing and less time on tedious bureaucracy are the goals.

    Now Microsoft’s Field Service functionality inside Dynamics 365 is making all the difference for organisations in sectors such as construction, engineering, maintenance, and insurance where key staff go out on site to do their job.

    All in the cloud

    The opportunity is for staff to effectively take their office computer system with them, wherever they go.

    Everything is in the cloud and so direct form filling information on tablets or mobiles is shared in real-time with the office or other remote workers, removing the need for boring paper or laptop reports later on.

    Combining remote Field Service with Dynamics Resource Scheduling, which we discussed in our previous blog, brings an even greater level of service from planning and booking visits, through to status reporting and updates.

    Reporting on services such as site surveys and maintenance can all be done remotely and fed into the central system.

    Upload on site

    There is no need for manual data transfer and all sorts of files can be uploaded on site, such as images, video and checklists.

    Client signatures and sign-off can be taken immediately so that documents can be shared back to the employee’s office as well as with the client.

    Designing bespoke forms can be done in no time through Dynamics or PowerApps with fully responsive websites and forms to be used on anything from iPads to phones.

    Once again, this functionality gives greater value from Dynamics 365 than simply “sales CRM”, providing operational efficiency that so many executives are crying out for.

    Radical improvements

    We have worked with a number of companies recently who are finding remote Field Service is radically improving how they operate.

    A gardening business is able to track and monitor ongoing and regular visits to their customers, recording what work has been done, what needs to be done in future, much to the delight of their customers.

    A charity that used paper forms to sign up interested people at events is now able to sign them up on tablets, pulling all the information onto their systems immediately, without the need for laborious inputting back at base.

    For all of these organisations, their computer system is always with them, they are always connected, and they are seeing the efficiencies flow through, allowing their people to do more productive work.

    For more information on how Dynamics 365 can transform your business, contact me here. I'd love to have a chat.