It's A CRM Jim, But Not As We Know It ...


  • It's A CRM Jim, But Not As We Know It ...

    It's A CRM Jim, But Not As We Know It ...

    When it comes to CRM systems, there are almost as many varieties out there to choose from as ice cream flavours, with the downside of not tasting nearly as nice. So how do you choose the right CRM system for your company, especially if you've never used one before? Our key piece of advice has to be to ask an expert (but we would say that, wouldn't we?). At Solutions Shared, our preferred CRM flavour is Microsoft Dynamics 365, because, while it's a CRM system, in reality it is so much more ...

    The Basics

    In terms of functionality, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has all the 'basic' needs covered. If you've never used a CRM system before, those basics include Sales, Marketing and Customer Service functionality. It will provide you with a contact management system, automated email functionality, a sales pipeline, and detailed reporting and easy to read dashboards, so you can view all your business data at the touch of a button. You will be able to see a clear overview of your sales processes and workflows, and gain insights through advanced analytics in a way you never could without it. But frankly, that's all vanilla stuff.

    Why Is Dynamics 365 Different?

    Where Dynamics 365 really shines is in its extra functionality. You see, Dynamics 365 is a CRM system, but not as you've seen it before. It's extra business solution capabilities elevate it from being 'just a CRM system' to a fully customisable, business process driven solution, that can help you run your entire business, while better ehngaging customers.

    Don't believe us? Here are just a few of the benefits others have enjoyed when they switched from another CRM to Dynamics 365:

    Understand Your Customers In A Completely New Way – Dynamics 365 brings together any and all kinds of customer data that your business has, so that you can get the complete picture of your customers. You can use pre-built reports & dashboards or customise your own to truly understand the customer journey.

    Increased Productivity – Even if you and your team were operating at full steam now, Dynamics 365 would be able to make you even more productive. Not by increasing the hours in the day, but instead by modifying your processes to be more efficient, allowing you to get more done. By giving you access to the insights you need to make the best decisions and the tools you need to do the job, you will find your daily work becoming easier and see much more getting done.

    Optimise Operations - Anticipate and manage your business needs quickly, with more intelligent processes and insight into your past performance.

    Transform Your Products & Services - Innovate new business models, automate processes, and shift from being reactive to proactive, putting you ahead of the competition.

    Unprecedented Flexibility – Many customers who make the switch are amazed by the flexibility of Dynamics 365 compared to other CRM's. Not only can you add and remove apps as and when you need them, a monthly billing model means fewer capital costs, a significant saving on infrastructure and more flexible cash flow.

    As experts in Dynamics 365 CRM, we understand exactly how it can help your business in a tailored and individual way. Despite coming as a package, its highly customisable nature makes Dynamics 365 a truly unique CRM, with no 'one size fits all' mentality to be seen.

    If you want to learn more about Dynamics 365, or see how it could benefit your business, get in touch with us today and we'll be happy to organise a demo for you.