Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the
CRM answer for small businesses


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the CRM answer for small businesses
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the CRM answer for small businesses

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the CRM answer for small businesses

    Make your first great decision of 2022: Adopt Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your small business

    Most small businesses know they need a CRM. And most don’t know which one to choose, so they often push back the decision and end up doing nothing.

    But many also have an ingrained view that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is too big and complicated for them. It will have to wait until they become a larger enterprise, when they have their own IT department to sort it out.

    This is where they are unfortunately wrong.

    Dynamics 365, especially now that flexible and adaptable Power Apps are part of the platform, is the perfect Customer Relationship Management solution for even the smallest SMBs – and gives them total scalability when it comes to growing over the coming years.

    Here at Solutions Shared, we have many years of expertise building out Dynamics 365 solutions for our customers and none have ever regretted adopting Microsoft’s powerful system, not least because it opens up the options outside of “just Sales”, and delivers automated business processes to drive your efficiency and productivity.

    A CRM tool helps you drive sales by managing target lists, sales funnels and the seamless transfer from prospect to paying customer. It is absolutely vital for any business to grow, removing the age-old spreadsheet methods of bygone age Glengarry Glen Ross salesmen.

    The data is sharable across an organisation, with appropriate reports and dashboards, allowing for efficient management and streamlined sales processes.

    As I have said before, the top-level benefit of Dynamics 365 is that it is a truly elastic platform that can stretch, flex and connect as and when you need to. It has all the functionality that a small business needs without the premium price that a founder or owner may be expecting.

    And now with Power Apps, this cost has been massively reduced within new Microsoft licensing frameworks. With Model-driven Power Apps, an organisation can bring in a fully functioning CRM at a fraction of the cost.

    Now, a Power Apps licence has been reduced in cost by Microsoft to just £3.80 a month, compared to £71.60 for a full Dynamics 360 CRM license. That’s what I call a game-changer.

    And, in truth, a hybrid model, integrating both Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Apps can often be the best solution for a business that is aiming to reap the benefits over time.

    And when you take into account that the whole platform integrates smoothly with Office 365 and is fantastic for hybrid working, you will soon have your employees purring with satisfaction.

    We are always happy to discuss how Dynamics 365 can support small businesses and help you adopt the best CRM on the market. Contact us here to have a chat about it and start 2022 off with your first great business decision.