Dump paper: Free up your people with Microsoft Power Apps!


  • Dump paper: Free up your people with Microsoft Power Apps!
    Dump paper: Free up your people with Microsoft Power Apps!

    Dump paper: Free up your people with Microsoft Power Apps!

    Everyone knows now that paper forms and processes are time consuming and inefficient. In all circumstances, and especially in remote work environments, paper stalls progress.

    The same goes for multiple manual processes that add layers of stultifying bureaucracy to an organisation.

    It has become increasingly clear that, in order to free up your people, you need automated processes, modelled to support your organisation and stakeholders.

    The magical thing about Microsoft’s Power Apps is that they can help your organisation increase productivity and save money by building tailored solutions that digitise and automate your manual processes.

    We are working with companies who are dumping decades of legacy work practices and out-dated “cut-and-paste” bureaucracy. It is a workplace revolution and if your organisation is not making the same moves, then it is time to ask what on earth is going wrong.

    I will give you one example, a legal company working with clients whose data and information needs to be re-used in the future for renewals.

    The old way, a data journey that took up the bulk of several staff members’ daily tasks, was to manually input the data, cut and paste it into external website forms and then have to re-enter all the data in the future for a renewal.

    Now they can digitally fill in the data from the point of source, it flows through the system with automated submittals, which simply needs to be manually checked, saving a crazy amount of time.

    And for those renewals? We simply added a “Create Renewal” button and all the data flows through to the new forms without all that irritating copying work.

    The secret is in using Microsoft’s Power Apps: we go deep on understanding what the customer needs, how their business works, what are the paper or manual processes that are killing their productivity.

    We will build a super-cost-effective model-driven Power App, and can pull in add-ons such as Adobe Sign eSignature, as well as Microsoft Power Automate RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for automated form filling.

    Projects like these are great, as they are not focused on sales, where people usually think of using Dynamics 365 and Power Apps, but on real efficiency needs of the organisation.

    It is time that you give your staff a chance to work properly and stop being bogged down by those old manual processes: find out how Microsoft Power Apps can transform the daily workload.

    Contact us here to have a chat about how we can automate your manual, time consuming, inefficient processes.