What is Microsoft Power Apps?


  • What is Microsoft Power Apps?

    An introductory video that we made about Microsoft Power Apps.

    Brief Summary:

    There are two types of Microsoft Power Apps:

    • 1. Canvas apps - straight out of the box, largely task-driven apps to run on a phone or a tablet.

    • 2. Model-driven apps - built on the foundations of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. You can build an entire business application, very quickly, largely without writing any software.

    Power Apps are suitable for any size of business, from solopreneurs to teams of employees.

    They are an easy way to move the business forward really quickly. They are ideal for those who are looking to get rid of any legacy applications, such as a custom-system built in-house by an ex-employee or multiple systems that could do with being merged into one.

    Power Apps give you a modern web experience, that's easy to customise and easy to change as your business changes.

    They are cloud-based, mobile-ready from the start and give a website driven experience to its users, that works in a browser, on a table, on a phone, without any changes.

    They are an ideal platform to modernise your business systems internally.

    If you would like to find out more or discuss how Microsoft Power Apps could work for your company, please get in touch.